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The True Essence of Sexuality Through the Porn Sites

Sexuality is a term that is immediately associated with sex. However, have you ever really wondered what human sexuality encompasses? There are three aspects of sexuality that interact with each other: the biological aspect, the psychological aspect, and the social aspect.

These three fundamental aspects of sexuality cannot be dissociated from each other, because they would then lose all their meaning. The bio-psycho-social unity implies a configuration towards the sexual one which favors the blossoming of the personality.

Here is the definition of human sexuality according to the (WHO):

Sexual health is the integration of somatic, intellectual, emotional and social aspects of the sexual human being, so as to achieve enrichment and development of personality, communication and love”. For the Best paid porn site now you can have the perfect options.

Taking into account these factors essential to human sexuality, let us look at each of these three aspects a little closer:

  • Sexuality from a biological point of view
  • The biological aspect is surely the one we think about when conceptualizing sexuality.
  • This is a very reductive vision, which does not take into account the body diagram as a unit. The integration of the body as a whole within sexuality allows us to understand that we are sexual beings, from the moment we are born, until the day we die.
  • This implies that both children, adolescents, adults and older people have a sexuality.
  • When we focus solely on the biological aspect of sexuality, we focus on sex, through the genitals and reproduction as finality.
  • However, it is possible to broaden this biological aspect and make it more meaningful when it interacts with the other factors mentioned above.
  • It is our body that learns and we can only accomplish this task with a complete body diagram. To focus only on certain parts of the body or to indicate only certain functions supposes that we reject the pleasure of knowing others correctly.

Sexuality from a social point of view

This aspect of sexuality relates to our desires, through the integration of learned behaviors and the acquisition of various customs. That’s why there are different sexual beliefs in each culture, depending on the historical context, and how we act.

Our political, religious and cultural influences somehow regulate norms and determine what is right and wrong. This then gives rise to many sexual limitations to remain in what is considered “normal”.

As human beings, most of our fears have to do with not wanting to feel rejected, isolated or strange. For this, we obey and transmit the messages we have internalized, transforming them into values ​​and rules of conduct.

The way a specific population lives their sexuality is the result of socialization. However, becoming aware of these behaviors and attitudes that we internalized without questioning them, can help us to adapt and modify them, from the knowledge to the development of our own personality.

It means breaking down those limits and mistaken beliefs that were imposed on us at the moment of the socialization process, to live out our sexuality as something positive and different for everyone. That is why it would be more appropriate to speak of “sexualities” in the plural.

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