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Adultere WordPress Plugin Installation/Setup Guide

Nowadays, WordPress is probably the most popular CMS. People love it for easy to use interface and flexibility – you can build literally everything with WordPress. Today, we’ll talk about how to set up adult tube site using WordPress.

Why you’d want to build an adult website? The answer is obvious – because there are TONS of money in the adult industry. The United States spends $13.6 billion on porn every year. 43% of internet users view pornographic material (other 57% are lying I think). “Sex” and “porn” are among top 5 search terms in Google. The truth is that humans like to watch porn. And you can make real money from it.

Adultere WordPress plugin is a simple solution that allows you to create your own adult tube site in minutes. It lets you manage your videos through WordPress admin panel easily. It’s as easy as adding new post in WordPress. Adultere’s key features are:

  • Super simple video management system
  • iPhone support (more devices will be added soon). Read more about mobile devices support
  • Ability to export video data from CSV file
  • Comes with one ready to use theme, plus you can extend any WordPress theme (or build a new one from scratch) using template tags provided by the plugin (you can read developer documentation for details)
  • Security

Take a look at our demo site to see it in action (try it with your iPhone too).
And yes, I forgot to mention, the plugin is completely free and open source. If you have some special needs, you can extend it easily (or hire a developer who will do it for you).

Installation guide

  1. Download and unpack plugin archive.
  2. Place the contents of “plugins” directory to your WP plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  3. Place the contents of “themes” directory to your WP themes directory (/wp-content/themes/).
  4. Activate Adultere plugin.
  5. Activate Twentyten-Adultere theme.
  6. You’re done!

Usage guide

To start using Adultere plugin, go to the posts creation screen in WordPress admin panel (Posts → Add New). You’ll notice a small box below the post editor called “Video Settings”. Just enter video URL, thumbnail URL and affiliate URL, then of course enter post title and post content (they’ll become video title and description), and save the post. Done!

For those who’s planning to add a lot of videos in bulk mode, we have developed “CSV import” feature (Posts → CSV Import menu tab in admin panel). A lot of adult affiliate programs (Juggcash or, to name a few) provide an ability to export video data in CSV format.

Adultere plugin has its own settings page (Settings → Adultere plugin settings) where you can change different options.

Please note that this content was taken from an archive of the developer’s website.

Video: Registering a Domain on Godaddy

Hey everyone, this is the first in a series of videos that I’m putting together to help you with all of the steps to creating your own porn site. This one runs through the first step of registering your own domain name. One thing to note is that at 2:28 in the video I say that you can skip all of the godaddy upsells. For this type of website though, you may want to choose the “Private Domain Registration” option. This will make sure that your name and contact information isn’t available to people searching the domain on a who is site.

Click here to get $1.99 .COM domains from GoDaddy.

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Make your Porn Site Mobile Friendly

I read as statistic the other day that went something like this:

Manufacturers of desktop and laptop computers have started shipping less computers because demand is shifting to tablets and other mobile devices.

In fact, more people are surfing the internet using mobile devices than ever before. What does this mean for the lowly porn webmaster? This means that we had better get with the time and start making sure that our visitors can watch our porn on their tablets, PC’s, Smart Phones, smart TV’s  and whatever other devices they want to watch porn on!

How Do I Make My Porn Site Mobile Friendly?

Good question! Most mobile devices these days are capable of displaying non-mobile websites, just at smaller sizes. The problem that we face is that the content that our visitors seek are the movies on our tube sites. These movies, until recently, have been supplied to us in FLV (Flash Video) format. This format is not supported by most mobile devices. Further-more, the player that we use to play our video is also made with flash and chances are that someone on a mobile device can’t see our awesome porn videos!

In order to take advantage of this growing mobile market we need to do two things:

  1. Start getting videos in MP4 video format (rather than FLV)
  2. Use an HTML5 format video player when people try to watch our videos from a mobile device

Get MP4 Porn Content for your Website

I’m busy compiling a list of adult video providers that supply MP4 format videos now. Until I can complete this list, I would recommend checking out one of the following providers.

  • TopBucks – These guys have 24,000 mobile compatible videos in every genre known to man.
  • Fame Dollars – These guys also have 1000’s of MP4 adult videos for you to use. Once yo usign up, click on Hosted Flash Videos, then select the MP4 option under “Format” (instead of FLV)

Use an HTML5 Video Player

This one is a little more complex of a solution. If you have some decent HTML and PHP skills you can integrate a state of the art HTML5 video player into your porn site by doing a little research. But, if you’re unsure, don’t worry! I’ll be releasing an adult tube template for WordPress soon!
Watch for updates on this and more importantly my next series about- how to make money from mobile porn browsers.


How to Find Adult Web Hosting

I’ve realized that, even though I have many links to my recommended adult web hosting providers on, there are some choices you have to make once you get to these sites that may not make sense to everyone. For instance, you may be asking yourself what adult hosting package should I choose? Or why can’t I do a better domain search on these sites.

If you already know what you’re doing and just want a good adult web hosting provider without doing a whole bunch of searching, just iPage Web Hosting and grab the package that fits your needs. If you want to learn more see below.

Here’s my definitive guide for buying adult web hosting that will fit your needs, budget and anything else you need it to fit!

1. Find a Domain Name

For this, we’re going to use Go Daddy.  We’re not going to buy our domain or hosting here. Just search. These guys have a great domain search tool, but their hosting is terrible AND they don’t offer adult web hosting.

Use the Google Keyword tool to find a number of exact match keywords in your niche. Then export them as text and paste them into the Go Daddy bulk domain tool. This will spit out a number of options for you.

Pick one. and enter it below to see what’s available for you:

Enter Your Domain Idea Below:

#1 - Home of the $1.99 domain name

The time for hesitation is over. Pick a domain, copy it and get ready for step 2.

2. Choose Your Web Hosting Company

Armed with our available domain name we’re going to go straight to the web hosting site and buy our hosting. Don’t delay on this step, as you may lose the domain name. I’m not certain, but once you’ve done a search on a domain name it’s possible it could be poached by another party. I’ve seen this happen once.

I recommend 1 hosting company. You can search around the web for others, but you’re not going to find an adult friendly host that’s cheaper than this. They have incredibly quick free support too. Click the link below while holding “ctrl” on your keyboard to open a new tab. (or just right click and press Open in a New Tab)

These guys are both in the US – Illinois and New York.

adult web hosting package selection3. Choose Your Package

Here’s where the most questions come in! Here is your answer:

Choose the Basic Plan at the 12 Month Price.

Don’t worry too much about your choice here, you can always upgrade easily so start low and move up if you need to.

4. Enter Your Domain Name

When registering with iPage Web Hosting click the radio button beside “I want to register a new domain name for the website“. Then paste the domain you’ve chosen into the field beside “www.”. Then choose your TLD or domain extension (.com, .net, etc).

5. Confirm your Domain Name

Just  confirm your domain name before proceeding.

6. Customize your Plan

You can select a longer payment term to get a lower monthly rate. You can choose any option, but the 1 year price seems fine to me. Don’t choose any other options. You don’t need anything else at this stage!

7. Enter Your Payment Information.

Enter your payment information and create your new adult web hosting account. That’s it. Your hosting will be set up automatically and you will receive an email with information on how to access cpanel, where you can install word press and start building your pornsite!

I’ve Been Hacked – a.k.a. What to do if your porn site has been hacked

So, it looks like one of my servers has been compromised. All of my websites – porn and otherwise have been hacked.

How Have My Websites Been Affected?

There are a number of things that can happen if your website is hacked. It all depends on the motivation of the hacker.

  1. Loss of data – Your hacker might be especially spiteful and if they have the right access to your system they might delete all of your data!! That means all posts, adult videos, links etc.
  2. “Hacked by” messages – This is the “best” kind of hack. In some situations a hacker may just put up a message saying “This site has been hacked by the postman.” This hack basically says, I have a security hole and I better fix it before they do some real damage. It’s like a warning.
  3. Malware Infection – If you’re doing any type of search engine optimization or have any volume of visitors coming to your site this is bad news! This means that the hacker has installed and disguised scripts on your site that will download malware on to the visitors computer. This hack get’s you blocked by the search engines and browsers and basically shuts you down for outside traffic. I got hit with this one.

The malware hack and others can be difficult to get rid of. In my case even if I deleted the malicious code from my pages it would come back.

How do I fix a Hacked Website

This depends on your hack, but in every case the best solution is to restore the entire site from backup. In my case, I noticed the hack too late and my backups had already become infected. So I’m busy deleting and recreating EVERYTHING.

This means that you have to keep a backup of course. You can set this up in your control panel. For directions on how to do this check out this link:


It’s September and Time to go Back to (Porn Website) School

I don’t know what it is, but I find that it’s just harder to work in the summer. I had a great summer off here, but it’s time to get back to school. Porn website school that is. Time to:

  • brush the dust off of our porn affiliate accounts
  • start building up adult links again and
  • get our traffic in to our sites and out to convert

I’m planning a number of new posts to help you get back on track and motivated to make some money this fall! Hey if anything we should all have a few extra bucks to spend by Christmas time.

Patience vs. Persistence

I think that the biggest roadblock that people face when trying to make a go of it as an adult internet marketer is what I call the patience vs. persistence factor.

For a lot of us, it can be frustrating to build up our rankings in Google only to watch them drop off, then rise again and continue on this roller coaster. It can also be frustrating to watch the clicks come through our adult affiliate accounts but see little or no sales during the initial phases of our launch. The fact is that this is normal. It takes time to get traffic flowing to your site. AND, if you’ve chosen a good niche for your porn site, you will start to see sales in your affiliate accounts.

The key is to:

  1. Understand that this won’t be an overnight success
  2. Be persistent with your efforts

By Being persistent I mean that your should:

  • Continue to build links
  • Continue to add content
  • Continue to try out different ads and affiliate programs
  • Continue to try different methods to convert your traffic
  • Continue to watch your stats and look for ways to increase your rankings

And we both know that this doesn’t take that that much time to do. If you only have one site you’re working with you only need to dedicate an hour or two a week to this. If you keep this up during your growing pains you’ll be a lot further ahead than most and you’ll be rewarded.

Your Homework

So as your first homework assignment of the school year how about we get organized with our marketing efforts. Put together a weekly schedule of all the tasks that you’re going to perform to get you past this hurdle and start making some real money. If yo u like post  your plans here as a comment! I’d love to see what you’ve come up with.

And for those of you that are still trying to decide whether or not you want to try and build an adult website at all, your homework is to get off the pot and get started! What else are you going to do over those long cold wither months ahead?

Design Matters Part 2 – Planning Your Adult Website Design

Planning… In the world of adult website production and design this step is  often overlooked. When you sit in front of your computer, and jump straight into working on your adult website it’s easy to lose site about what the big picture is and how the one piece that you’re concentrating on either contributes to or fights against your end goal. That’s why this adult website how to article is dedicated strictly to planning a porno tube website.

I noticed that I have a few problems with my Big Boob Tube website.

  1. I’m not getting high rankings under the key phrases I want
  2. The traffic that does come to my site quickly leaves, as I can see by my high bounce rate in my Analytics Account
  3. I haven’t made any money… no one is clicking my affiliate links

This is why I sat down, away from the computer, with a pen and paper and drew up some wire frames that I think will solve these problems. A wireframe, by the way, is a simple sketch of the generalized areas of your website design. It’s used to illustrate how areas are going to work and to help webmasters, like you and me, to look at the big picture without getting hung up on content and capabilities.

I have 3 types of pages on my site, so I only needed 3 wireframes. You likely only have 3 types of pages too AND most of the stuff on these pages is the same, so this is easy!

  1. Home page
  2. Category video listing page
  3. Video Details page – the page the video plays on

Wireframe of porn site home

Home Page

This is where most visitors are going to land AND the page that search engines will pay the most attention to. So 2 goals here:

  1. Get visitors to click and move into the site
  2. Optimize the crap out of this page

Wireframe of porn site video tube listing page

Listing Page

The listing page is like a vehicle to get the visitor to his next video as painlessly as possible. It’s one job is to show the visitor something he likes ans make it easy to get there.

Wireframe of porn site video watching page

Details / Video Viewing Page

This is where most conversions happen. Our hope is that the visitor will finish a video, be looking for something more and click on one of our ads.

So these are the sketches, we’ll see how it plays out in sometime down the road!

Kick Ass Pictures Adult Tube Video Export Tutorial

Kick Ass Pictures has a porn tube export that we can grab some adult video content for our WordPress porno tube website as well. If you don’t have  an account, sign up with them and get crackin’. Once you’ve signed up login and click on Dump in the main menu and follow along below  (Dump lol):

  1. Choose the website that you’d like to export from in the list on the left. You can choose multiple websites by ctrl clicking or clicking and dragging.
  2. Under Dump Type choose Tube Clips
  3. Check off the fields you need in your export: Link Code, FLV URL, IMG URL, Title, Description and niche or tags
  4. Choose tab as the delimiter
  5. Click generate batch file

This will give you straight text that you need to convert to a CSV to upload to WordPress. Click select code, copy it onto your clipboard and paste it into a new notepad file. Save the file to your desktop as export.txt or any name that will help you find it in a minute.

Open Excel and follow along:

  1. Choose File > Open
  2. Change the File Type to text file
  3. Find your export file and click open. This should bring up the text import wizard
  4. Choose delimited for the type of data
  5. Choose tab as the delimiter
  6. Click next then finish

Now we just need to rearrange some of these columns. Use your master Excel skills to  arrange them in this order:


Save your file as a CSV file and upload to WordPress

  • Login to your wordpress admin on your adult website
  • Click on  CSV Import under Posts
  • Click choose file and browse to your Adult tube export. In this case I’m looking for ka-export.csv in my downloads folder
  • I’m going to choose to convert niches to tags to get some good adult seo terms in my tags
  • Choose your post status. If you don’t have a lot of videos in your porno tube yet you may want to just publish them all immediately. Otherwise you should post  them as drafts and manually set each one to publish daily.



Get Niche Adult Tube Content from Kick Ass Pictures

These guys have some super niche content. If your niche has things like the following then you gotta get signed up with these guys.

  • Cuckolds
  • Foot Fetish
  • Bukkake and Cum Fetish
  • Handjobs

An affiliate account with Kick Ass Pictures requires approval from teir staff so be sure to have a site set up before you apply.

Click here to fill your porn site with Kick Ass adult web content.

Watch for a tutorial on how to import content into your Word Press Adult tube coming soon!